Sites to visit in Wadi Rum

  • Shalaleh Spring – a mountain spring overlooking Rum Village
  • Lawrence Spring – a spring from whence Lawrence of Arabia is reputed to have drunk, also the site of ancient rock art – a typical stop for lunch, a rest and sweet Bedouin tea
  • Red Sand Dune area – make a stop to climb the sand dunes and run back down them
  • Khazali Canyon – explore the gorge in this sandstone mountain, site of ancient rock art dating to 300BC
  • Jebel Al Qattar – scramble up to a mountain spring to enjoy spectacular views of the red sands of Wadi Rum
  • Anfashiyeh inscriptions – rock art along the ancient caravan route to Mecca
  • Lawrence House – find out the real story of this ancient stone structure!
  • Rakhabat Canyon –  a highlight of Wadi Rum’s red sand desert
  • Barragh Canyon – a scenic place for a wander
  • Burdah Rock Bridge – the highest natural arch in Wadi Rum
  • Um Fruth Arch – a 20 m climb; about 20 minutes up and back; a great photo opp!
  • Wadak Rock Bridge – an easy climb close to Khazali Mountain
  • Um Semmen Rock Bridge – an easier climb in the Wilderness Zone’s White Desert
  • Mushroom Rock – yes – it looks like a mushroom!
  • Cow Rock – it’s got two legs and a round body! A great area to climb and look out over the desert
  • Abu Hasheba Canyon – a kilometer hike through a narrow desert canyon, your guide will meet you at the end of the canyon
  • Water collection site – take a peek at a Bedouin water collection system
  • Red Sand Dune scenic views – take a few minutes to gaze out over the desert from the red dunes on the edge of the Wilderness Zone
Remote canyons
Challenging hikes