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Hello dear visitors,

My name is Salem, I manage a bedouin camp site in the Wadi Rum desert in Jordan. Welcome to my own website. I grew up in the Wadi Rum and I would be honored to share my experience and knowledge of the area together with you.

The camp you will be staying in is family owned and -operated. Since our camp opened its tents in 2003, we have treated every customer as though he or she were part of our family. Our services are the best and come with a personal touch!


With eighteen private tents, our camp offers s safe, intimate space for your visit to Wadi Rum. Located on the edge of the Protected Area’s Wilderness Zone, you will experience the unique serenity found in the heart of the desert. Imagine a dazzling night sky unpolluted by city lights. The camp is surrounded by open desert with a few sandstone formations that are fantastic for scrambling up to experience the sunset. Located in Wadi Rum’s signature red sand area, both the white sands area and Al-Qattar Spring make a nice post-tour trek.


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Our camp


Each of our tents is furnished with single beds with mattresses, sheets, pillows and blankets (and we change our sheets after each use!). Please let us know if you require extra blankets as nights run cold between November and April. Each tent is equipped with a nightstand with candles and matches for after dark use. Our tents have solid floors with small carpeting and open directly onto the stunning desert expanse.

Our camp


We offer a variety of dishes, based on local fare. Meals are delicious, ample in quantity and freshly prepared on site. Although by tradition, we are expected to overfeed our guests, please rest assured that the excess food does not go to waste – serving the camp staff and finally the local animals. Vegetarian food is available, but please let us know in advance. Breakfast is bread warmed on the fire, and a choice of cheese, jam, yogurt, etc.. And of course, plenty of tea! We also offer instant coffee. In warm weather, lunch is usually a salad dish. Dinner is always hot. We typically serve the melt-in-your mouth delight of zarb, a banquet of meat and vegetables slow-cooked the traditional way in an underground oven.

Traditional Bedouin cooking


Our shared rest rooms offer a rustic yet clean experience, with flushing toilets, showers and cold running water. Our dining and seating areas are located in traditional Bedouin semi-enclosed tents. Our dining area offers low tables for group dining. Our seating area offers mattresses and pillows in the local style, allowing guests to recline around a communal fire place to enjoy songs and story-telling.

In our effort to optimize our desert resources, we power our kitchen, dining and seating areas with solar energy. And of course we ask our guests to keep our beautiful desert as clean as possible.