Camel ride back to Rum village

A camel transfer back to the village is a great option at 30 JD per guest (5 and under may not ride camels) for a 2 – 3 hour ride, arriving after 11:00 am. Arrive before 5 pm, the evening before your tour and stay an extra night at only 20 JD more per guest.

Hiking back to Rum village

If you would like to return to the village by foot, we can arrange a guide for your final morning. This is an additional 40JD, and the trek back takes 2-3 hours. You will arrive at Rum Village between 11:00AM and 12:00PM.

Camping out in the desert

Wish to camp in the desert? We’ll choose a spot and provide all camping gear as well as tasty meals prepared over the fire. 20 JD extra per adult guest; 10 JD for children age 6 – 12; 5 and under: free.

The Wadi Rum